ATCOM Rainbow 4 and R4S (Gigabyte Port)

Dual screen IP phone is the flagship products in IP telephone in the
world. 4.3 inch TFT color display enhance the visual image of your desktop .
innovative paperless BLF+BLA maximize your working efficiency ,
the crystal clear broadband voice ( meet TIA920 standard) bring you the
revolutionary working experience line





Dual screen mode maximize your convenience and efficiency of working



Phone functions

Phone functions:
3 ways to make or receive call – handset/headset/hand-free speaker;
Support caller ID , auto answer , DND and call reject;
Support speed dial , redial , mute and call holding;
Support point to point calls via IP address and SIP URL;
Support 3 ways conference call;
Support call transfer( blinded transfer , attendant transfer and semi-attendant transfer);
Support call forward ( always forward , busy forward or no answer forward);
Support hotline and flexible dial plan configuration;
IP PBX function:
Anonymous Call, Anonymous Call Rejection;
Synchronization Message Waiting Indicator (MWI);
Voicemail , call recording;
Call on hold , call pick up;
Paging and intercom;

Hardware Specification

2*400MHZ dual core MIPS processor(R4G\R4GW);
2*263MHZ dual core MIPS processor(R4\R4W)
4.3 inch 480*272 WQVGA 16,670,000 colors LCD display;
BLF screen: FFTN 376*96 pixels black and white LCD ;
45 keys including 14 programmable keys
Dual RJ45 10.100Mhz Ports(R4\R4W);
Dual RJ45 10.100.1000Mhz Ports(R4G\R4GW);
2 RJ9 ports ( for handset and headset);
1 RJ45 port for extension modules;
Power adapter AC 90-240V , DC 5V;
Standby power consumption <1W , working power consumption 2.5W;
Support PoE ( power over ethernet);
Support rainbow E and rainbow T extension modules;
Working temperature : -10 ℃– 50 ℃;
Working humid : 10%-95%

Network features

Support SIP V1(RFC2543), V2(RFC3261);
Support backup server;
Support proxy server and point to point connection;
Support IP/DHCP/PPPoE dial;
Support FTP/DHCP/PPPoE client;
Support Telnet/HTTP/HTTPS service;
Support SNTP protocol;
Support DNS SRV(RFC3263;
Support DNS client and buil-in NAT/DHCP service;
Support STUN;
Support 3 DTMF ways,RFC2833 and SIP INFO;
Support router and bride mode;
Logout on web GUI;

Software features

UI and WEB Support multiple language;
User friendly UI and WEB design;
Support contacts image display;
Support 400 contacts in phone book and 400 call history record;
Support dial assistant , match the number in smart ways;
Support black list;
Auto adjusted background light ;
Adjustable level of background light brigntness;
Press for a few seconds to edit programmable keys;

Voice feature

Support HD voice codec L16G and G.722;
Support G.711a/u,G.726,G.729a/b,G.723,iLBC codes;
Support VAD(Voice Activity Detector) and CNG(conformation noise gain);
Support AJB ( auto Jit buffer) , AEC ( voice echo canceller) AGC ( voice gain control);
10 broadband rings and 2 customized rights by users;


Support 3 ways to manage the phones : Web GUI , phone keyboard and auto configuration in FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP;
Configuration wizard on web UI;
Support SNMP;


Support VLAN;
Support L2TP VPN;
Support 802.1X;
Support 2 different access levels- admin and user;
Support SRTP and HTTPS protocol ( client/server);


Dimension of single unit (27×18.8×13.6);
Weight :1.5KG;
Packing size (37.0x 22.7 x 7.9)cm;
Preserve temperature -40 – -70℃;
Preserve humid level: 10-95%;