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Zimbra Messaging and Collaboration Applications

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite provides the following messaging and collaboration solutions that can be enabled on user accounts.
•Email messaging
•Address Books
•Web document authoring

Email messaging
Zimbra email messaging is a full-featured email application that includes advanced message search capabilities, mail sorted by conversations, tags, user-defined folders user-defined filters, and the ability to define personal options. You define which email messaging features are enabled.

Address Book

Zimbra Address Book allows users to create multiple contact lists and add contact names automatically when mail is received or sent. By default, a Contacts list and an Emailed Contacts list is created in Address Book. Users can import contacts into their Address Book. You can set a limit on the maximum number of contacts a user can have in all of their address books.


Zimbra Calendar lets users schedule appointments and meetings, establish recurring activities, create multiple calendars, share calendars with others, and delegate manager access to their calendars. They can subscribe to external calendars and view their calendar information from Zimbra Web Client.


Zimbra Documents lets users create, organize, and share web documents from the Zimbra Web Client. When this feature is enabled, users have one Documents Notebook folder by default and can create additional wiki folders. Zimbra Documents provides a web-based WYSIWG tool for sharing and editing documents and other content. Users have the ability to embed rich content into an editable document from within a Web browser. Wiki folders can be shared with individual, groups, and the public.
A domain Documents folder can be created from the administration console. This Documents folder can be shared with users on the domain, users on all ZCS domains in your environment, as well as individuals and groups.